Guide: Starting out with your ChanStat BNC

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Guide: Starting out with your ChanStat BNC

Post by Fox » Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:16 pm

== Getting Started ==

Congratulations on successfully applying for a ChanStat BNC. To find out how to set up your client to connect to us using mIRC or SwiftKit, or to learn more about BNCs in general, please review this article on the SwiftIRC wiki. Alternatively, you can connect by typing /server -m 11000/11001* (username):(password), replacing 'username' and 'password' with the information you received with your account verification.

Once you're connected, you'll need to set up your BNC to connect to an IRC server. This can be achieved by using the command /quote ADDSERVER ( :(port). Please remember that our BNC only supports servers enabled for IPV6, and as such you'll need to make sure that the servers you select are compatible with our service. SwiftIRC servers (and available ports) that support IPV6 can be found here.

To add a few common servers, use:

/quote ADDSERVER :6667
/quote ADDSERVER :6667
/quote ADDSERVER :6667
/quote ADDSERVER :6667

Then use /quote BCONNECT to connect the BNC.

*(Listed port is SSL-only. To learn how to use SSL with mIRC, please click here.)

== Using your BNC ==

Note: Most commands can be used by simply typing /command. If your client already has a command named this though, you may need to type /quote command to tell your client to not attempt to interpret the command.

Now that you've set up your BNC for use, you should change your password to something that you can remember. This can be accomplished by using the command /password (password) whilst connected to your BNC. Don't forget to update your password in your configuration for the next time you connect!

Once you've changed your password, you can begin customising your account. Some basic commands include:

/SETAWAY (text) - - Instructs your BNC to set this an away status for you when you disconnect.

/SETLEAVEMSG (text) - Sends this a message to all of your channels when you disconnect.

/SETAWAYNICK (nick) - Instructs your BNC to rename you automatically when you leave. Be sure to register the selected nick!

/JUMP - This command instructs your BNC to disconnect from your current IRC server, and attempt to connect to the next server in your server list. Note: this command will reconnect to the same server if you only have one listed.

/AIDLE (0/1) - Set this to '1' to prevent your real idle time from being shown. This is set to '0' (off) by default.

/AUTOREJOIN (0/1) - Set this to '1' to have your BNC rejoin channels immediately after being kicked. This is set to '0' (off) by default.

/ADDSERVER ( (port) - Adds the IRC server as a connection option, as detailled in the previous section

/DELSERVER (number) - Removes the server occupying the specified slot from your server list.

/LISTSERVERS - Lists all of the servers that you've selected as viable connection options.

/ADDIGNORE (content) (hostmask) - Allows you to configure an ignore filter. Use /bhelp ADDIGNORE for detailled information on how to use this command.

/DELIGNORE (content) (hostmask) - Removes the specified filter from your ignore list.

/LISTIGNORES - Lists the ignore filters that you've set.

/PLAYPRIVATELOG - Prints the private messages and notices that you've received whilst disconnected from the BNC. Does not track messages received when you're online.

/ERASEPRIVATELOG - Deletes the contents of your BNC's private message log.

To see a full list of commands, type /quote bhelp whilst connected to your BNC.
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