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Profile Application

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:52 pm
by Matt
Fill out this application for a ChanStat profile. The only mandatory information is the display nick.

1. Display nick:

This is the name that you want displayed on all the stats pages in various channels. It has to be registered to you on the network you want your profile on.

2. Alternative nicks:

These are three other nicks on your glist that you use often. The lines you say on these nicks will be displayed under your display name.

3. Profile picture link:

You may have a picture to go with the profile. It must be deemed appropriate by the staff and it must be 45 x 45 with a file size of 2k. Any bigger and the picture will not be added.

4. Gender:

Male or can only pick one.

5. Network

What ever network you want the profile to be on.

After you have posted this request: PM the staff member that has responded to your topic on SwiftIRC under the display nick you've requested.