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Post by Ryan » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:31 pm

Channel: #|Ryan
Owner: Ryan|
•(03:30:56 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Information for channel #|Ryan:
•(03:30:56 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Founder: Kyd
•(03:30:56 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Description: description
•(03:30:57 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Registered: Jan 10 16:36:17 2009 UTC
•(03:30:57 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Last used: Mar 01 20:30:43 2009 UTC
•(03:30:57 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Last topic: [Welcome to Ryan's home channel.] [Access: Voice on join, If I know you, you get ao, idler's are 4] [News: The ChanStat forums have now been released! Feel free to register at http://forum.chanstat.info/index.php] [Support /server -m irc.coffey522.info]
•(03:30:57 PM)• (Notice) ChanServ :: Topic set by: Ryan|

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/join #|Ryan
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