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Profile Guidelines

Post by Matt » Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:12 pm

Have you ever had a problem with your name on the stats page changing to a nick you've only used once? Well if you have, here's the solution. We have now created a user control panel. This is a way to keep all your lines consistent with one nick.

How to get an account:

Due to possible abuse, we are only letting staff members have the access to change information on the control panel. But any user may have one.

1. Post a request for an account on the forum section Profiles by filling out the application.

2. A staff member will then make your control panel account.

How do I get some of my information changed?

Post a reply on your original account request topic with the changed information.

How does this work?

We make an account for your nick. You have one display nick, which is what your name will show up on the stats pages, and you have three alternative nicks. As long as you're on one of these 4 nicks, all the lines you say will show up under the same name (your display name). If you start talking on another nick, the lines will be recorded under a new name.

You may also choose what gender you are, and add a picture to go with your name.

My profile picture:

The picture must be 45 x 45 and a file size of 2k. A picture that is any larger will not be added. Email it to us or supply a link to the picture in your post.


We will be checking for authenticity of the nicks you request. All the nicks you want on your account MUST be registered by you and be on your glist (grouped nick list). If we find you are trying to steal another person's nick, appropriate action will be taken.

Hopefully this will solve problems with names on the stats pages. If you have any further questions that were not answered here, feel free to join #ChanStat and ask a staff member.

Thank you,

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