ChanStat Goes Multi-Network

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ChanStat Goes Multi-Network

Post by Matt » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:58 pm

At first we were only going to have ChanStat be a single network bot, belonging only on SwiftIRC. Then, after some thinking and many discussions, we realized that it wouldn't hurt to make ChanStat multi-network.

Requirements for a potential network:

1. Must have at least 30 channels with over 5 users.

2. The average user count should be at least 200+ users

3. Have at least two stable ipv6 servers

These are the minimum requirements that a network must have for us to consider hosting ChanStats there. The bigger the network, the more of a chance your application will be accepted.

No applications will be accepted by a regular user. All applications must be filled out and turned in by a current network staff member.